Celebrating 47 Years in Oregon Agriculture 1977-2024

Neither he who plants nor he that waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.
The man who plants and the man who waters have one purpose, and each will be rewarded according to his own labor.
1 Corinthians 3:7-8

Don't miss our yearly Fruit and Nut Tree SALE - while supplies last!

Every time you shop at Berry Craig Farm, help for those in need is happening worldwide through

When you shop at our Farm Store a portion of the proceeds goes to
which is then matched by another donor so that for every $1. we give, a total of $2.
is given to fund worldwide emergency feeding programs, water distribution projects,
and to provide training and instruction, seeds, and fertilizer to farms for the hungry.

More to the point - this work is done by Bible Student Volunteers that also minister to the poor.

Locally, we also support the Access, Inc. Food Bank Pantry on Mondays at 4:00 PM in Eagle Point.

Produce Specials updated Sunday, July 21st, 2024.


LOCALLY grown Slicing, Beefsteak, and Heirloom Tomatoes, $2. per lb. NEW CROPS

LOCALLY grown Cherry, Jelly Bean, and Pear Tomatoes, $3. per lb. NEW CROPS

California grown Red Seedless Watermelon, 15 lbs. av. wt., ON SALE for $6. each. NEW CROP

US #2 Washington State grown Russet Potatoes, ON SALE for $10. per 50 lb. sack. NEW CROP

Washington State grown Jumbo sized Yellow Onion, ON SALE 3 for $1. LAST OF CROP

Washington State grown Red Onions, ON SALE 2 for $1. LAST OF CROP

Texas grown Rose Long Grain White Rice, $3.99 per 5 lb. bag. NEW CROP

Buy a Barilla Pasta Sauce ON SALE for $2.99
Get a Barilla 1 lb. boxed Pasta for FREE!

One Pound Butter Quarters
ON SALE for $2.99

Progresso Hearty Soup or Chunky Soup
ON SALE for $1.79 each

Pure Cane Sugar
4 lb. $4.99, 8 lb. $8.99

Canned Sweet Kernel Corn or Green Beans
79 cents each or ON SALE 3 for $2.

Lindsey Canned Olive Specials
Small, Medium, Large, or Pimento Stuffed
Mix or Match ON SALE 2 for $3.

Stagg Canned Chili Sale - stock up now for $1.79 each
Beef, Turkey, Vegetarian, or Hormel Angus Beef.

Bar-B-Que Season Supply Sale
3.1 lb. Match Light or Kingsford Charcoal $2.99
14.6 lb. Royal Oak Mesquite Charcoal $5.99
15.4 lb. Kingsford Original Charcoal $7.99
40 lb. Lazzari Mesquite Charcoal $19.50
20 lb. Lil' Devil Smoker Pellets $6.50
Assorted Hardwood Smoker Chips $2.99
Scripto Aim and Flame or Qt. Lighter Fluid $2.99

Farm Fresh Eggs (when available)
Large $4.00 dozen - Jumbo $5.00 dozen
50 lb. 16% Layer Pellets $20.99
50 lb. Chicken Scratch $19.99
Feeders and Waterers also on sale.

Other Groceries along with Gardening Supplies and Edible Landscape Plants are also available.

Berry Craig Farm and Nursery - (541) 210-4995

We are located 1 mile east of Hwy. 62 on Avenue A in White City

OPEN Sunday - Friday from 10:00 AM until Sunset - CLOSED SATURDAY for rest.

CASH ONLY. Sorry, no checks or CC's.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL and sale prices limited to stock on hand from current harvests.

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Gardening News
Soil profile key to excellent growth, Experts Agree

Portland, OR - Professional Greenskeepers, Landscapers, and gardening experts agree, maintaining soil profile is most important for overall growth success. Known as soil profiling, the practice of balancing levels of water, pockets of air space, nutrients, and soil particles leads to excellerated growth in all plants, higher yeilds, and extra durability to both plant and soil structures. For over thirty years professionals have been using a product simply named "Profile" to maintain optimum levels in golf courses, athletic feilds, and even the Super Bowl. This product is now available for use in consumer lawns and home gardens.

"Profile" is a mined natural ceramic that has been formed into specifically sized particles which are then fired in computer controlled kilns to become a stabilized soil admendment with less than a 2% annual degregation rate. Once they are kiln fired, the particles have surface pores, half that attract and hold moisture and water soluable nutrients, while the other half hold air. Because of its optimum air and water holding capabilities and soil stability, "Profile" soil admendment has become the favored secret professional tool to promote plant growth and to balance soil profiles for ultimate improvement in soil structures.

After "Profile" is applied, clay soils maintain more air space, therefore they drain excess moisture away from the root zone before the soil becomes saturated and soggy. In sandy soils, the water holding pores of "Profile" provide space for nutrients and extra moisture to be used by plants in the root zone instead of percolating through the soil unused. Maintaining soil structures with "Profile" has led to better golf greens and tees, higher quality fairways, safer playing feilds, and now higher growth rates and yeilds for consumer lawns and home gardens.

"Berry" Craig has used this product for over 20 years in both sandy and clay soils. Both are improved as soon as "Profile" soil admendment is added, either tilled into the soil or backfilled into aeration holes. Plants and lawns show an almost doubled growth rate while watering and fertilizer uses are reduced. Overall plant health, vigor, and garden yeilds increased. Muddy saturated soils become well drained. Sandy soils tend to use almost half the irrigation needed before "Profile" application.

Most important in our location, clay soils no longer form a hardpan crust on top, which facilitates easier surface cultivation. Although this product is relatively expensive due to transportation costs, its almost permanent benefits in the soil are well worth the price. We have come to enjoy the earlier fruiting and higher yeilds from our own home garden and planter pots using this product. "Profile" soil admendment has won our award for best gardening product on the market, we suggest that you try it in your lawn or garden soon.

For more information about Profile Lawn & Garden products call toll-free (877) 205-0266.